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ShowShareSell broadcasts your Social Media platform(s) to expose your brand and engage with your relevant target audience. We manage all the effort behind Social Media, so you can focus on serving your clientele.

Our services

Our standard social media features

Social Media Platforms Managed

We can help promote your business on the Social Media platforms most relevant to your business/brand. Choose from Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram! (Coming soon: Pinterest, Twitter).

Social Media Profile setup

We implement a professional profile on Social Media ensuring your brand is represented by your own existing & professional visuals; as well as relevant information about your product/service(s) to engage your audience as loyal followers.

Campaign Plan & Posting

Each month we plan your content posting campaign schedule for the following month; this is taken with your input, as well as your industry relevant content which will help your brand exposure.

Curated vs Created Content mix

Refers to how much of your posted content on Social Media is referring to industry related media/visuals/information (Curated content) versus content which is specifically about your business, staff, product/service, events etc (created content). (Created content requires your input in the form of updated photos, content from your website, upcoming promotions, events, etc.)

Local Directory & Link Building

Having your Brand & website URL listed on reputable online directories & websites is crucial for your brand exposure online. Each month we look for both Directory and A+ websites to list your website & keep increasing your Google rank.

Our services

Our premium social media features

Original Written Blog

Publishing original content articles related to your industry or product/service helps boost your specific ranking & brand exposure. We ensure the content written is engaging and broadcast accross your website and social media channels.

Social Videos

In today's market, inserting regular video content into your content marketing is almost essential to quality brand exposure! Many brands shy away from video due to costs but Social Videos - motion graphics that repurpose your existing visuals with professional graphics - achieve the same result as film video at lower costs!

PR Submission

We produce your events, message or product/service(s) into a news story & broadcast your news distributed to major news sites and search engine on the web, and in front of consumers and journalists! Your story also reaches as many as 30,000 bloggers and journalists and for an additional premium fee your broadcast can reach premier news outlets like the New York Times, USA Today and more, through the Associated Press.

Email Newsletters

Email remains the 'original' social media route to increased revenue via existing clients & subscribed followers! Ask us about how we can setup monthly/quarterly newsletter service to keep your clients informed regularly!